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For more than a decade, Radio Free has published and archived more than 150,000 news articles and broadcast 60,000 hours of content. Acting as a hub for journalists and publishers, the organization creates free, open source software and tools for the next generation of independent journalists. Learn more on

Below is a selection of projects I have led for Radio Free, including an iPhone app, Apple TV app, WordPress theme, along with print and video marketing campaigns.

Public Projections

In early 2020, I worked collaboratively to coordinate the production of a free guide on how to make public projections with other artists. The cover of National Geographic Magazine (Jan. 2021 Photo of the Year) featured a projected image of George Floyd on the Confederate monument of Robert E. Lee during protests in 2020. Using this guide, artists traveled the country projecting their expressions non-violently.

iOS & tvOS Apps

WordPress Themes & Plugins

Radio Free – WordPress Theme

The Radio Free WordPress Theme is a child theme built on-top of Anders Noren’s Chaplin theme and supported by a multitude of custom built plugins. The theme features load posts on the homepage using AJAX, a customizable audio/video player, a built in streaming area for going live from Twitch, YouTube and Facebook, built in SEO options specifically for independent media outlets and publishers to use, and many other features.

To install this theme properly, you will want to also install Radio Free Ajax Posts Masonry, Radio Free Print & Radio Free MapPress. You will need to be running the most recent version of Chaplin.

Radio Free – MapPress

This plugin adds a section on the Document Settings for each post to add location data to the post. It then displays those posts on the front-end at when using the Radio Free / Chaplin WordPress theme.

Radio Free – Listen Plugin

This plugin enables you to post podcasts and display them using the Jetpack plugin “Podcast Audio” WordPress block. It adds the ability to see any podcast added to the list on the front-end, [Podcast Slug] set on the list on admin side. This allows users to easily manage podcasts without writing data to the “posts” database table, making it quicker to update and a much cleaner architecture.

Radio Free – Stations Plugin

Adds a live streaming stations section to the site, giving you the ability to manage a list of streaming stations. Use the shortcode [station_list] on any page or post to display the stations on the front-end.

Radio Free – Print Plugin

A WordPress plugin that allows for any post to be printed in a clean, two-column responsive layout with in-line link citations. It adds a print button to the bottom of each post which loads a print-friendly version of the post when clicked. The new page can be printed to make non-traditional newspaper style publications for the dissemination of information.

Independent Media
Training Manuals

Teaching Independent Journalism offers users a guide for how to get publishing securely using WordPress and custom designed themes specifically suited to fit the needs of independent journalists. The site maintains a blog-style guide for navigating independent media, from a perspective that is focused on people, not profits.

Media ID

Media IDs are created instantly when you sign up on with your name and photo. These press badges can be ordered by anyone and help independent journalists identify themselves at public events or when working with others. Paired with a small branded kit for sale online, it’s the perfect way to delve into the field of journalism. The kits provide journalists of all ages with all the tools anyone ever needs to get started publishing – all on a universal operating system that runs on any computer with a USB port.