You Are Here

For three years I oversaw the creative direction and managed the website for the graduate student-run academic journal You Are Here: The Journal of Creative Geography. The journal is in its 20th year of bridging the gaps between art, poetry, writing and geography. 

In 2017, the focus was on “War” – the issue featured 130 pages highlighting the ways war is waged on our bodies, minds, and communities. In 2018, the issue centered on “Peace & Place”. 

The 2020 edition entitled “Recipes for Revival” focused more on the ways in which we nourish ourselves, our families and communities in order to press on in challenging times.

In 2018, I archived all of the journal’s 20 years of publications digitally, which was presented on for free.

You Are Here brings together thinkers and doers; activists, artists, community members, academics, and scores more — from Palestine to Turtle Island and beyond. In these pages, you’ll find voices working towards and affecting meaningful change at a range of scales. It’s imperative to give these artworks and essays a platform and to forge solidarity through text, image and action.