Tucson JCC

The Tucson Jewish Community Center is a 110,000-square-feet community center constructed in 1989 and renovated in 2015 with a fitness center, art gallery, preschool, pool/spa, and a large event space. At the JCC, I oversaw digital media, digital advertising, digital strategy and trained staff and faculty on WordPress, social media, and other digital tools.

In April 2015, I secured a Google Non-Profit Grant, which is an ongoing grant that supplies the JCC with $10,000 per month ($120,000 annually) in advertising on Google. The grant led to the most successful summer camp season to date and a significant increase in program enrollment and membership.

In May 2015, I began managing the company’s IT department. Since then, we successfully migrated all company email from a self-hosted email server to an Office365, cloud-based solution. We replaced and upgraded the building’s data storage and backup framework while improving redundancy and network speeds. As part of the agenda to update the tech infrastructure, we worked with a local ISP to install new WiFi access points throughout the 110,000 square foot building.

I created a tool for the JCC that automated the process of making flyers for events and new classes. You would fill out a form, press ‘go’, and a beautifully designed flyer is generated with all the proper branding. The links are converted automatically to short-links with a QR code for convenience.

Below is a video of Charles Buchanan from a series that highlighted members of the JCC and their interests.