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People, Not Profits is a social media network I am releasing on February 20, 2020 alongside the major update of Radio Free.  The social media network will be built using WordPress and BuddyPress, and feature a map based layout with the intention of trying to use technology to better connect humans with their physical communities.  Geography often gets lost our fast paced lives, but it is crucial to be aware of our geographies. We should be aware of how we are effecting the planet and it is my hope that people using this app will be able to see the world in a different way- one that realizes the problems humans create for the earth and all living things and aides in helping fix those as quickly as possible. 

I wanted to make a network for people that would ban corporations from exploiting people using advertising, which is something I think is fundamentally wrong with the way most networks operate today.  I saw the outcome of the last few U.S. elections and how advertising was be used to buy power in society.  It made me think that there must be a better way for people to connect and tell stories, organize movements, make funny videos, whatever it might be, without being a part of some system that uses that content to exploit its community with ads.

People, Not Profits. will eventually grow to include ways of connecting with non-profit networks, atlases (which are maps versions of galleries), newsrooms (which is what Radio Free is a major part of), and most importantly, an open source way of connecting and managing our data and networks. People will also be able to download their data from existing social media networks and migrate it to our platform, which uses WordPress.

When it’s launched, I hope to have most basic functionalities working for a social network to exist (a map of all posts, chat, profiles, live location sharing, add, like, etc…).  Shortly after that, the goal is to create a new way of moderating posts, rooted in democracy, but with clearly defined rules on what can and cannot be done in the community.  I think the current moderation process for most sites is fundamentally broken because it relies on the idea of a time-out.  Time outs and bans without giving the person who committed the act resources to learn what they did was wrong and correct their behavior going forward is basically how the current prison system operates in the U.S., and that doesn’t work too well. I think the moderation on the app will be rooted in teaching what went wrong and working with the person to help avoid it in the future.  I’m not sure how this will work and it’s just going to take a lot of trial and error at first, but if you have any ideas, get in touch.

Follow the progress and check out the very simple version that’s live on that apple app store now (basically just to test if you enjoy posting photos to a map, but it’s a terrible design that uses some old cloned version of Instagram, just to be able to be admitted to the store so people can join.)


This was an image in a poster from May 1968, and it was the original concept for the logo for People, Not Profits. I’m currently updating it so that the app uses a hand print for a logo instead. I want to keep it fluid, so it’s not based on just one image, but something that is a bit broader and more adaptable. Maybe this means it will change each month or year.

I’ve been playing with a few ideas about letting people create their own versions of the logo, using some kind of code to flatten an image of a hand into a shape and then being able to align that shape to work as a design element (maybe as a camera masked by the hand) on each person’s device so that each user could have a custom app icon. Design trends favor uniqueness and I think that’s because we all want to be able to design our immediate surroundings with our own energy.

These are stickers I have given out to promote the idea of People, Not Profits. You can find them in select cities across the globe. Want a sticker? Just write me and I’ll gladly mail you one.

In the next version, I redesigned everything using Adobe XD and used it to add some animations to the current mock up.

The app started as a class project which allowed people to post a photo on a map in conjunction with an art exhibition at the University of Arizona Museum of Art (UAMA). The map was my idea of allowing more communication between the museum, artists and the community. Press and hold a location on the map to post a photo. It’s pretty basic, but undoubtedly useful for journalists, museum goers, and just a lot of fun.

I’m making a WordPress theme based on the concept and will be doing all of this open source. If you want to help, let me know.

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