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Inclusive Access Short

Sometimes you work on projects that never see the light of day.  This piece doesn’t deserve to be treated that way.  I worked with my good friend Pricilla for a month on coaching her to be able to skateboard for this part.  We kept a skateboard out in the office at all times, which still lives under my desk at the time of writing this.

We started by making a video to pitch the concept.  We did this in under an hour, all on my phone. I was learning a lot from Spike Jonze and taking note of his process (specifically how he uses dance as an aspect of performance for the camera, and how the camera interacts as part of that dance). We don’t have a budget for any of the projects we work on at the bookstore beyond printing costs, which is limiting when you want to try to do the stuff Spike attempts.  But not having a budget and being forced to figure out these projects independently has definitely made me more creative.

I shot, directed, and coordinated this shoot. Victoria Bee edited and produced along with Isabelle Diamond, Cynthia Sodari, Pricilla Peralta, and Jocelyn Manquero.

You might prefer it to this SWMRS tune… Try it out by muting the YouTube video and click play on this song 3 seconds in.

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