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Family Weekend is all about family.  This is Patty and her family.  They were so fun to meet and talk to. I’ve known Patty for a few years and knew she would jump at the opportunity to have her entire family in a photoshoot for the Bookstore. 

It wasn’t the easiest to wrangle them for the shot, but I really wanted to capture something real.  I didn’t want to just show a stock photo of a family with everyone perfectly still and proper- these kinds of images create create real problem for consumers as they assert an unattainable narrative on what a “family” should look like. 

The headline reinforces the idea behind the photo by being represented in different colors and shapes, as to represent the ideas behind the words more than just being a simple branding tactic. It’s a play on the new tagline that the University rolled out in 2019, “Wonder Makes Us”. I thought it was important to connect to this new brand in a way that highlighted the best of what the Bookstore is at its core.

I photographed and designed this campaign. Tony Sedillo helped wrangle both children and adults during the shoot, for which I am so thankful.

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