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Bear Down Sale

Today, sports have more to do with art than sports.  Giant televisions tell the crowds what to cheer for, what to wear, what to eat, who to be – and they too often over-masculinize these games, teaching girls, among others, that their place is on the sideline while reinforcing the idea that boys are supposed to be “macho” and masculine.  But for me, sports were never about being macho.  I won’t say that I’m completely turned off by sports, as I enjoy watching high school sports, but the industry around most college and major league sports has grown so repulsive, it’s hard to enjoy any of the actual sport.

When I was asked to create a campaign for Nike and UA BookStores, I wanted to re-envision the stereotype of the hyper masculine sports player.  I shot the campaign in front of a wonderful mural by Cyfi, that depicts Frida and Diego dancing amongst a group of skeletons.  Basketball evokes this idea of a dance to me, and I tried to capture that dance, while reinforcing that idea with the mural.  Having Liliana act as the lead in this dance was my way of squashing the idea that a women’s place is on the sidelines.  In the final campaign, I added a few quotes by both athletes and artists in an attempt to bring those worlds together.

Below is a selection of photos used in the campaign as well as a few pieces from the campaign.  I designed this in a way that would keep a constant artistic direction, using the cut out photos as an aesthetic, while allowing for the pieces to be easily updated with new photos as the campaign progressed.


Social - Bear Down Sale


IMG_5877 IMG_5819 IMG_5812 Bear Down Sale IMG_5808 IMG_5807 IMG_5806 IMG_5805 IMG_5801 IMG_5794 IMG_5742 IMG_5734 IMG_5723  1920x1080 - Bear Down Sale - Frida - TODAY
Screenshot-2018-6-25 TODAY The Last Bear Down Sale of the Season copy


I photographed and designed this campaign. Cynthia Sodari helped me with the shoot and I believe this was her first ever photoshoot for the Bookstores.

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