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Here is a small selection of campaigns I have done for Apple while at UA BookStores.

FP-AlumniAd-Single Page  Screenshot-2018-6-25 Five Days Only Apple Sale(1) Screenshot-2018-6-25 Apple Watch

1600x900 SU Digital - Everyone Can Code Campaign
Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 2.45.40 PM   1920x1080 - Educational Pricing for Orientation

This comment always stuck with me. It’s from an email I received from the director of Campus Marketing at Apple after sending them the creative for the “Graduate Again” campaign. It’s always inspiring to get feedback like this.

Here’s an example of a campaign file. I try to design everything on one document to make it easier for proofing. This also helps when there are slight copy changes across a very large number of pieces by allowing me to pull the copy from a shared database instead of spending hours updating each page of a campaign file. I usually setup my InDesign file to accommodate for this by allowing each new page size to have a Master Page. This allows me to design so much faster than if I was to make a new InDesign file for each piece. Below is an example of a campaign file that uses this technique.

I photographed and designed these campaign. Most product images and headlines come from Apple, but lifestyle shots are mine.

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