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I thought that we should use cookies instead of flyers for a Snapchat launch event at the University of Arizona, so I designed a template and met with a master pastry chef.

Chef Manja Blackwood was nice enough to meet with me and help me make a cookie to my specifications.  Smores was the flavor I decided on. I wanted the cookie to have a soft bite with a crispy outside.  I wanted them to crunch when you ate them, and I wanted them to make you feel like you just ate a smore, because that’s what Snapchat tastes like to me, marshmallow-ey toasted fun.

I thought if a person had an interaction with us and they enjoyed the experience, they would be more inclined not only to follow us, but to stay following us. I went back to the laser cutter and made some templates to help her crew in getting the logo stenciled just right.

We ended up doing a cookie with marshmallow flavored icing with a layer of chocolate in between to provide a snap when you bite into it.

This project really opened up a whole new school of thought for me in terms of advertising design. It made me think about how handmade, sustainable products effect someone much more than a disposable flyer, and how there might be ways in the future to think about design that offers a benefit to people when doing these type of activation events.



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