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Dismantling White Supremacy

I was asked by the School of Geography and Development to design a poster for a special forum titled Dismantling White Supremacy in Our Classrooms and Communities. The poster features a black and white design, with slightly more black than white ink.  Ghosted in the background is a photo of a dismantled typewriter –to signify the idea that white supremacy is a construct of society that can, and should, be dismantled.  The aspect of the typewriter also serves to bring attention to the issue of white supremacy not always being visually identifiable, as it is not solely present in the ideologies of hate groups and racists, but ever-present in our society through systemic, everyday practices.  In school, we learn white ideas, from mostly white professors, who teach mostly white philosophers– and these ideas serve to further white supremacy and allow for the comfort of hate groups while furthering the subjugation of non-white cultures and peoples.

Below is a recording of the event.


Nura Dualeh, Director, National Student Exchange and Director, Undergraduate Research & Graduate Preparation Programs

Stefano Bloch, School of Geography and Development

Michael Kotutwa, Johnson School of Natural Resources and Environment

Yesenia Andrade, She/Her & They/Them – LGBTQ+ Resource Center

Sherard Robins, He/Him Assistant Dean of Students, Equity & Student Engagement

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