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Festivus is the BookStores’ annual holiday sales event for employees of the University. In 2018, I wanted to redo the visuals and I thought about doing them without a computer most steps of the process.

I started by laser cutting quarter inch plexiglass and then carefully arranging the letters on a sheet of wobbly plexiglass which sat on a bed of pom poms.  This video helps explain it a bit better:

We made a series of videos (6 total) highlighting different staff members which won an award from the local advertising federation.
Watch the videos we made for Blake, Jake, Briana, and Rudy and pay close attention to the intros.

We also made a website and full print campaign as well.

For the website, we could only design by changing the existing spaces, which can be challenging.
For the website, I could only design by changing the existing spaces, which is challenging for a designer who knows how to code.

I photographed and designed all of the printed pieces for this campaign with a lot of help from everyone on the team. The videos can be seen here, and each have different credits associated with them.

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