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Arizona Basketball

tvwall1 I created a campaign for Arizona Basketball that launched publicly on Inauguration Day, 2017. The campaign depicts two people from different backgrounds holding up a basketball together while wearing bookstore merchandise. Dressed in school colors- blue on the left, and red on the right to represent the political divide in the country, the headline reads, “Team Up Together, In Wildcat Country We Win As One.”  It’s not meant to be political, but it does try to unite the community by reinforcing the idea that “we’re all in this together.”

The photos tvwall2are actually hundreds of individual photos stitched together to trick the viewer into thinking that they were taken with a medium format camera, a device I wish I had access to, but sadly is about $15k out of my price range.  The photo shoots required the models to stand completely still for about 5 minutes at a time while I moved the camera around using my neck as the pivot point to keep some sort of consistent perspective.  If you look closely at any of the images you may find some remnants of a stitched photo, which to me can both speak to the process as well as the underlying message of the campaign- by patching everything together to “work as one.”

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