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Inauguration Day Teach-In

Mission Statement

On January 20, 2017, the United States will face a new presidential administration that threatens the rights and safety of many in our community and challenges the tenets of our democracy.

While we believe it is important to respect the outcome of the election, we also believe it is vital to step up our civic engagement under these circumstances. This march is a public demonstration that the greater Tucson area is a community that is inclusive and respects the rights and dignity of all people regardless of faith, race, gender, ability, citizenship status, or sexual orientation. We want to demonstrate in a peaceful manner that we, as a community, collectively affirm the rights of those who are most vulnerable. We want to affirm in public our solidarity to protect the rights of US citizens who are Muslim, the rights of undocumented students who came to America as children and are currently enrolled at colleges and universities, the reproductive rights of all women protected by law, the rights of individuals in the LBGTQ community, and the rights of African Americans who are victims of police shootings to a fair trial. These rights are legal and we stand together to protect them.



Teach-In 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on the Mall at the University of Arizona campus.  Open to everyone to attend

Monica Casper and Roberto Rodriguez, masters of ceremonies

9:00 am Judith McDaniels, the importance of an informed citizenry and the public voices of activists

10:00 am Jeannine Relly, fact-checking and journalism

11:00 am Maha Nassar, deconstructing myths about Islam

12:00 pm Enrico Trevisani & Zaira Livier, youth organizing, DACA issues & sanctuary status

1:00 pm Nina Rabin, immigrant rights and US law

2:00 pm Tyina Steptoe, history of the KKK and white nationalism in USA

3:00 pm Denis Provencher and Annette Joseph-Gabriel hate speech, what it is, where it is happening and how to report it

4:00 pm Phyllis Taoua, organizing non-violent protest : history, dynamics, how to do it

Inauguration Day March 2017

March for Unity and Solidarity start at 5 pm at Old Main and march together to El Presidio Park on Alameda Street. Santa Pachita concert in park to follow.

Instructions for march:

A map of our proposed route can be found here (it’s the route with blue dots and pending TPD approval tomorrow -stay tuned):

People should park near campus and plan on taking the street car back after the march and concert.

People should bring flashlights and make signs in accordance with the theme of unity and solidarity.


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