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responsive mock upIn May of 2016 I began my career at the University’s Bookstores.  It allowed me the opportunity to work on the retail side of design, which is something that I did not have much previous experience with.  My photography has flourished as a result- understanding light and photo techniques in a new sense, and how to work with a wide variety of models in different locations and situations.

In my first two weeks at UA BookStores, I analyzed their website’s performance and user experience.  A few months later I began the process of converting the website to a responsive (mobile friendly) site.  With thousands of products and hundreds of individual web pages, this was no small task. The site was broken into pieces hosted on three different servers, one of which I was unable to directly write code for, which made this project extremely challenging.  By the end, I finished the project on my own, ahead of schedule and way ahead of the timeline an outside company quoted.

booksaleIn November of 2016, we started a “book of the month” sale which features a discount on all books one day a month, as well as a special discount on a featured book all month long.  I decided to try to find a space on campus where I would enjoy reading a book from cover to cover as the setting for a photo shoot.  The library of the Arizona State Museum is like something out of an old movie.  There aren’t a bunch of television screens everywhere, and the stacks aren’t motorized.  It’s just a beautiful space with giant windows looking out onto Centennial Hall.  We show the photos using student models in the style of #bookface.  While it’s nothing too elaborate, it did manage to win an award from the American Advertising Federation for best email marketing campaign.


In July of 2017, I was promoted to the title of Creative Manager, overseeing the design team and taking the lead role in the creative process.












Below is a selection of the work I produced for UA BookStores:

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UA Baseball

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4th of July

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