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Escena was an company I founded to help musicians tour internationally.  We handled the logistics, crew, equipment, grant writing, booking, management, and publicity for artists that wanted to tour overseas.  Escena partnered with Rafael Erdei in São Paulo, Brazil to expand its reach to South America.  I founded and managed nearly every aspect of the company, from the website to touring logistics, grant writing and booking.  The Screen-Shot-2015-01-27-at-12.44.17-PMcompany was very successful and has slowly been growing since its inception in 2013.

In 2014, Escena began working with the California Roots Festival, the world’s largest reggae festival, on project management, campgrounds management and business automation.  We created a website to handle the festivals project management needs which enabled teams to work collaboratively on projects.  The website alerted the festival owners each time a band was paid, with a status report via email and a summary via text message.  The site handled all the tax calculations on the back end and would let the user know if there was missing tax information.

The logo for Escena was designed escena logoto be able to be used as a stencil without any extra lines added to it.  The letters give a fun playful feeling to the observer.  The crisp lines and sharp angles help it stand out from the crowd of 21st century logos.  It doesn’t take itself too seriously because, let’s face it – music is fun, emotional, and something that makes you feel alive.

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