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Taylor Miller

taylormiller.comSo maybe I’m biased because she’s the love of my life, but I think Taylor’s photography is some of the most thought provoking and visually interesting work I have ever been introduced to.  She takes photos that breathe honesty while giving completely unique perspectives through her imagery and its significance.  She’s currently working towards her Ph.D. in Critical Human Geography at the University of Arizona.

Her website hosts her photography in digestible galleries which she curates.  The site was customized to keep distractions to a minimum so the user may focus more on the content in front of them.  Her background in curation influenced the site heavily, as she is an expert herself in educational design.

I dare you to visit the site and not get lost in her many adventures.  From Palestine to Mexico City she seems to always focus on the joy of life, even when it’s depicted through suffering and despair.

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