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Screen-Shot-2012-08-15-at-08.13.11I toured as the Sound Engineer and Tour Manager for Passafire from 2010 to 2013. This is a point in my life when I was doing about 300 shows per year. I managed most tdigital platforms for the band, including their website, social media, print publications, and so on. While I was working with Passafire, they released two #1 Billboard Reggae Chart albums and topped the iTunes Reggae Charts. I designed a ton of posters for the band as well as a few pieces of clothing for their merchandise tent on the Vans Warped Tour. Screen-Shot-2012-08-15-at-08.17.14

One of my favorite designs was a poster that included a giant moth underneath different earth textures, clouds, glaciers, and a macro eye-ball. It was pretty “out there”, but I think that’s what I most enjoyed about it. While I had a fair amount of creative control, I don’t think that design was ever used for anything.

The website went through a lot of changes. Passafire toured more than most bands, and because of that, and the fact that I was the Sound Engineer and Tour Manager, there was little time to spend on Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 11.29.18 PMupdating the website. So we delegated some duties, and I wrote some code, and then some more code… But it got to a point where the site seemed to run itself. Tour dates would be listed automatically, front page videos were easily swapped by updating an easy form that stored embed codes in a database, and so on.
The website went through a lot of changes.

It got the cogs in my brain turning and imagining the possibilities of PHP. I think some of my most creative ideas to date were formulated while sitting in a van, on tour with Passafire, driving from Savannah, GA to Reno in under 36 hours. I remember staring off into nothingness somewhere around Wyoming and thinking about how things I can code could help change the world. It’s right about the same time I began working on Radio Free.

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