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tatatatataTatanka is a smaller group from Colorado.  I met their front-man, Ian Gastl, one night when they opened up the show for John Brown’s Body at the Fox Theatre in Boulder, CO.  After watching their set, I decided that I wanted to design things for them.  Because of the bands status, I pretty much had creative control and got to pitch a lot of non-mainstream ideas to them.  I liked the idea of creating a more international and worldly branding around the band.  a1057187091_10I translated  English to Japanese, in the hopes of creating an “air of mystery” behind their debut album release.  The album was released for free, and set them on a path to open for legendary acts within the first six months of its release.  I kept hearing their name pop-up in different industry circles, and a few months after that they were on tour with every other band I was working with.  I can’t say I was one hundred percent responsible for that, but I may have had a bit more to do with their initial launch into the touring circles than they might have thought.

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